Flat-Landers Guide to Hiking in Aspen

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1) The Ute Avenue Trail & Wheeler Ditch Trail start at Glory Hole park and offer a pleasant stroll on the East side of town.

2) For a longer, but pleasantly flat walk try East of Aspen Trail - which parallels the Roaring Fork River Southeast of Aspen for over 3 miles. There is an interpretive wildlife-viewing stand at the North Star Nature Preserve.

3) Rio Grande Trail - Aspen’s most famous trail that follows along the Roaring Fork, it has a very gentle slope and gorgeous scenery.

4) The John Denver Sanctuary is a magical little diversion off the Rio Grande trail right behind the Rio Grande Park. Great for smelling flowers, listening to babbling brooks and reading Denver’s famous lyrics carved on various rocks.

5) No Problem Joe: A quick little jaunt along the river bank in East Aspen.

6) Ditch Trail in Snowmass is a lovely, often majestic walk through the forest with big valley views.

7) Take the Gondola up and enjoy a short hike around the Top of Ajax. You will definitely feel the altitude, but if you take it slow, it is well worth it.

For conditions and Aspen’s complete trail options check out AspenTrailFinder.com.