Basalt Teen Launches Local News Service: Aspen Vibes


If you have seen an email called “Aspen Vibes” come across your digital transom, you have Basalt High senior Bear Matthews to blame. Something of a wire service for the year 2020, Vibes is a daily email service akin to The Skimm, only localized, and skimmier. His custom-built, news aggregator compiles goings-on, weather and a friendly salutation. One month in, the pilot program has been a quick success.

Bear, who was Skippy Mesirow’s communications director for his successful council run, grew up in London and Brooklyn before his family moved to Basalt. He’s still figuring out the next steps for Vibes. Lots to do this summer before he attends Franklin University in Switzerland.

Check out to get a sense of the … er … vibe!